May 1, 2012

MAY 1, 2012

The regular meeting of the Stanley County Commissioners was called to order at 8:03 a.m. (CDT) by Chairman Dennis Booth with Commissioners Marsha Davenport, Dana Iversen, D. D. Jacobson and Brian Scott present.  Emergency Management Director Rob Fines, State’s Attorney Tom P. Maher, Treasurer Sonny Harrowa, Highway Superintendent Leo Sullivan, Director of Equalization Don Wiedemer, Auditor Karen Sharp, Justin Joiner of the Capital Journal, Winifred Bergeson, Gloria Lawrence, James Glover, Nancy Neuhauser, Raymond Neuhauser and Brett Stirling were also present.

AGENDA:  Motion by Scott, second by Jacobson, to approve the agenda.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

MINUTES:  Motion by Jacobson, second by Scott, to approve the Minutes of April 3, 2012, with the following addition:  Fairgrounds:  Motion by Davenport, second by Scott, to accept the quote from Prairie Skies Ranch Supply for roping chutes in the sum of $11,851.04.   All voted Aye.  Motion carried.  All voted Aye to approve the minutes as amended.  Motion carried.  Motion by Iversen, second by Davenport, to approve the Special Joint Meeting of March 26, 2012, and the Board of Equalization meeting of April 10, 2012.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

CLAIMS:  Motion by Jacobson, second by Scott, to deny paying half of the survey bill of Broz Engineering presented by Chad and Laura Carda and to have the State’s Attorney write a letter to the Carda’s advising them of the same.  All voted Aye.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Jacobson, second by Davenport, to pay the $5.00 recording fee bill from the City of Fort Pierre.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Jacobson advised that he had checked out the bill from SHP Engineering & Architecture, and it was okay to pay the same.

Motion by Jacobson, second by Scott, to approve the claims as presented.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

3D Specialties                                                            5,099.22           Supplies
American Medical Response, Inc.                               1,143.35           March 2012 Subsidy
Mallori Barnett                                                             434.60           Court-appointed Attorney
Josh Bobzien                                                                172.44           Subpoena
Brown & Saenger                                                        497.70           Voter Registration Cards
Lawrence Burtts                                                            50.00           Grand Jury
Butler Machinery Company                                            27.91           Supplies
Cabin Fever Florals                                                       100.00           Memorial – Jacobson
Capital Area Counseling, Inc.                                         406.00           Evaluation
Capital Area Resfuse, LLC                                             58.00           Garbage
Capital Journal                                                              248.52           Advertisement
Carquest Auto Parts                                                        35.90           Supplies
Century Link                                                                 209.93           4-Corners Repeater
Community & Youth Involved, Inc.                              1,666.66           May Support
Cowboy Country Stores, Pierre                                      121.25           Supplies
Central Culver Supply                                                14,402.30           Supplies
Christy Lumber                                                              108.00           Supplies
Communications Center                                                  384.00           Supplies
D.L. Smith Excavating                                                 2,856.00           Rentals
Diesel Machinery, Inc.                                                     78.60           Supplies
Eddies Truck Sales                                                         976.83           Supplies
Wade Fischer                                                              2,556.91           Court-appointed Attorney
Fleet Services                                                            10,183.68           Supplies
Mark Foley                                                                    225.72           Subpoena
City of Fort Pierre                                                            68.81           Copier/Dog Fee
City of Fort Pierre                                                          915.31           Utilities
Donald Garrity                                                                 75.90           Grand Jury
Golden West Telecommunications                                   334.04           911 Service
Grossenburg Implement of Pierre                                      61.55           Supplies
Hughes County Auditor                                              13,760.00           Juv/Adult March Jail
Intab                                                                               26.00           I Voted Stickers
Isburg Funeral Chapels                                                   442.20           Transport for Autopsy
Rita Keller                                                                       50.00           Grand Jury
Kleins Office Plus                                                            19.79           Supplies
Klein’s Office Equipment                                                 11.43           Supplies
Leidholt, McNeely & Leidholt                                      1,177.00           Repairs/Maintenance
Thomas P. Maher                                                        2,632.05           Professional Services
Barbara McQuistion                                                         64.06           Grand Jury
Microfilm Imaging Sysems, Inc.                                       375.00           Equipment Rent
Midcontinent Communication                                           206.70           Utilities
Montana-Dakota Utilities Company                                   16.00           Natural Gas
David Neuharth                                                                75.90           Weed/Pest Meeting
Noble Ink &Toner                                                            57.97           Supplies
Amber O’Day                                                                  50.00           Grand Jury
Darlis D. Perry                                                               450.00           Blood Tests
City of Pierre                                                                5,624.03           E-911/Med. Dir Agreement
Mary Pirrung                                                                     50.00           Grand Jury
Purchase Power                                                                48.47           Supplies
Quill Corporation                                                              441.40           Supplies
Reserve Account                                                             221.53           Postage
Runnings                                                                         437.51           Supplies
Donald Schaefer                                                                50.00           Grand Jury
SD Bureau of Administration                                              16.13           Utilities
SD Department of Revenue                                              332.00           Blood Tests
SD Dept. of Labor & Regulation                                     3,465.00           Unemployment
SD Ass’n. of County Commissioners                               1,460.83           CLERP Assessment
Servall Uniform & Linen                                                     30.70           Repairs/Maintenance
Shane’s Pharmacy                                                              80.65           Prescriptions/Jail
SHP Engineering & Architecture                                   13,400.00           Professional Fees
Rodney Stoeser                                                                   44.44           Planning/Zoning Meeting
Sutley’s Town & Ranch                                                      26.12           Supplies
Sutley’s Town & Ranch                                                        8.28           Supplies
Twin City Filter Service, Inc.                                                74.33           Supplies
Keith Van Houten                                                                50.00           Grand Jury
Dallas Vavra                                                                        50.00           Grand Jury
Mona Weiger                                                                      205.20           Transcript
WW Tire Service, Inc.                                                           15.00           Repairs/Maintenance
Xerox Corporation                                                                231.85           Lease/Copies
Randy Yost                                                                           72.20           Weed/Pest Meeting
Zander Auto Parts                                                                 30.75           Supplies
Zander Auto Parts                                                               294.28           Supplies
Zee Service Company                                                           39.25           Supplies

TREASURER’S REPORT and AUDITOR’S REPORT were given to the Commission by Treasurer Sonny Harrowa and Auditor Karen Sharp.

SALARIES BY OFFICE: Commissioners, $3,975.90; Auditor, $6,488.11; Treasurer, $5,834.14; States Attorney, $6,911.72; Custodian, $3,204.81; Director of Equalization, $10,497.75; Register of Deeds, $3,591.53;Road and Bridge, $29,697.94; Community Health Secretary, $2,726.89; WIC Secretary, $345.65; Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield, employee insurance, $12,884.12; SD Retirement System, withheld and match, $6,043.74; SD Supplemental Retirement, employee contribution, $1,770.00;  Electronic Transfer, FICA, Medicare and Withholding Tax, $11,581.23.

AUDITOR’S ACCOUNT WITH THE TREASURER:                                                                                            

April  30, 2012                                                                                                                                                             
Cash on hand -- $ 1,350.62

Bad Check -- $2,587.92

Checks, less than 3 days -- $201,737.18                                                                                                                                                                              
Petty Cash -- $300.00                                                                                                                     

First National Bank -- $262,634.30                                                      

MKKT. ACCT. – First National Bank -- $3,473,554.87                                                                                         

MKKT. ACCT. – American State Bank -- $69,841.65                                                                    

SD FIT -- $6,007.94                                                                                                              

Total -- $4,018,014.48                                                                             

REGISTER OF DEEDS:                                                                                                                         

Regular fees -- April, 2012 -- $1,880.84                                                                                                                                  

Transfer fees -- April, 2012 -- $3,112.00                 

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT:  Motion by Iversen, second by Scott, to allow Haakon County to use the Stanley County gravel crushing bid in the Briggs pit. 

Motion by Jacobson, second by Scott, to authorize and request the SD Dept. of Transportation to program for construction, in accordance with the “Local Roads Plan” the State’s “Standard Specifications for Roads and Bridges,” and the “MUTCD.”

Motion by Jacobson, second by Iversen, to raise the hourly wages of Jerry Rada and Larry O’Daniel to $15.67 per hour beginning May 8, 2012.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Commissioners discussed with Sullivan the work that the highway department is and has been doing on the county roads, i.e. pipes on Bad River Road, hauling dirt on Bentley Road, and the new blade to arrive May 2, 2012.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT:  Fines recommended removing the burn ban.  Motion by Jacobson, second by Davenport, to remove the burn ban and suspend Resolution #2012-05.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Motion by Jacobson, second by Davenport, to have the Sheriff contact Security Lock to change the locks on the three (3) outside entrances to the courthouse and to have two keys that cannot be duplicated given to the custodian, Ricky Sass, and to Sheriff Rathbun.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

CONTINGENCY TRANSFERS:  Motion by Iversen, second by Davenport, that the Stanley County Commission hereby resolves to transfer from the General Fund Contingency to cover the following budgets:  Fairgounds (101-524-425) $11,851.04; Payments to School (101-850-429) $3,500.00.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

ABATEMENTS:  Discussion was had with Winifred Bergeson and Gloria Lawrence regarding their properties and flood damage and how the formula that had been previously used was applied to arrive at the recommended abatement amount.

Bergeson, Winfred:  Requested an abatement of 2011 taxes in the sum of $1,477.95.  Motion by Iversen, second by Davenport, to abate $663.60.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Lawrence, Ron and Gloria:  Requested an abatement of 2011 taxes in the sum of $1,075.69.  Motion by Scott, second by Iversen, to abate $153.85.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Mortenson, Curt and Kim:  Requested an abatement of 2011 taxes in the sum of $4,878.50.  Motion by Iversen, second by Davenport, to abate $2,318.87.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Pearson, Jay:  Requested an abatement of 2011 taxes in the sum of $1,191.77.  Motion by Iversen, second by Scott, to abate $53.48.  All voted Aye.

Johnson, Monty and Carrie:  Requested an abatement of 2011 taxes in the sum of $783.44.  Motion by Scott, second by Davenport, to abate $365.25.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

STORM WATER RUNOFF STANLEY ROAD AREA:  Jim Glover, Commissioners, and Highway Superintendent discussed the water runoff along Stanley Road.  Glover has talked with the City and has previously talked with the Highway Superintendent.  The digging of a ditch was discussed.  Highway Superintendent will work with Glover to try to solve the problem or at least alleviate it to some degree.

DICK STIRLING MEMORIAL RANCH RODEO:  Raymond and Nancy Neuhauser and Brett Stirling presented a proposal to hold the 15th Annual Dick Stirling Memorial Ranch Rodeo September 22, 2012, at the Stanley County Fairgrounds.  Motion by Jacobson, second by Scott, to allow the Stirling family to rent the fairgrounds at the rate of $50 per day for the 15th Annual Dick Stirling Memorial Ranch Rodeo, September 22, 2012, plus $500.00 deposit, plus proof of insurance, and that the Stirling family will be responsible for electricity and dumpster fees with EnviroTech.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

NAWAPA RESOLUTION:  Resolution was reviewed, no representative was present.  No action taken.

MIDCONTINENT:  Discussion was had regarding possibility of adding Extension to the County’s contract.  Motion by Davenport, second by Scott, to approve the 60-month contract with Midcontinent and to authorize Auditor Sharp to explore the addition of adding the Extension office to the contract if feasible.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION:  Jacobson will obtain further information regarding the Community Access, Industrial Park, and Agri-Business Grant Program.

WIC CONTRACT:  Motion by Davenport, second by Jacobson, to accept and authorize Chairman Booth to sign the WIC contract as presented.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

ADJOURN:  Motion to adjourn at 11:30 a.m. by Davenport, second by Scott.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned.  Next Commission meeting to be held Monday, June 11, 2012, at 8:00 a.m. (CDT), with election canvass at 10:00 a.m.

ATTEST:                                                                    BOARD OF STANLEY COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

 Karen Sharp, Auditor                                                          Dennis Booth, Chairman 

Physical address

Stanley County Courthouse
08 E 2nd Avenue
Fort Pierre SD 57532

Mailing Address

Stanley County Courthouse
Auditors Office
PO Box 595
Fort Pierre SD 57532