April 5, 2022



TUESDAY APRIL 5, 2022 – 5:00 P.M.

5:00 p.m.                                  Call Meeting to Order

                                                  Pledge of Allegiance

                                                  Approve Agenda          

                                                  Approve Minutes of March 1, 2022

                                                  Review & Approve Claims

                                                  Treasurer’s and Auditor’s Report

                                                  Set Board of Equalization Meeting               

5:10 P.M.                                  Bill Leimbach and Ron Hedlund - Drainage

                                                  Executive Session – Legal – SDCL 1-25-2(3)

                                                  Fairgrounds – Scott Deal

                                                            Box Pads/Barrel Covers/Crash Pads

                                                            Haybales - SDSHSR                                                                                                      

                                                  Highway Department – Lee Smith

                                                  Resolution 2022-10  2021 Hazard Mitigation Plan

                                                  Resignation – State’s Attorney Legal Assistant Gethsemane Snarr

                                                  New Hire – State’s Attorney Legal Assistant Matiah Weber

                                                  Log Cabin Sidewalk

                                                  Remove Susan Howard from Stanley County Bank Accounts

                                                  Automatic Budget Supplement – R&B Equipment

                                                  Connecting Point – Connect Care MSP County Wide Uplift                                                

                                                  Hayes Community 2022 Raffle

                                                 Executive Session – Personnel – SDCL 1-25-2(1)

                                                  Easter Holiday

                                                  April – National County Government Month

Discussion:                               Any other business that may come before the Board                                                                   

                                                  Upcoming Meeting – SDACWO Workshop - SDACO County Officials

                                                            Workshop - SDACHS – Highway Department Workshop


Physical address

Stanley County Courthouse
08 E 2nd Avenue
Fort Pierre SD 57532

Mailing Address

Stanley County Courthouse
Auditors Office
PO Box 595
Fort Pierre SD 57532