March 6, 2012



MARCH 6, 2012


The regular meeting of the Stanley County Commissioners was called to order at 8:08 a.m. (CST) by Chairman Dennis Booth with Commissioners D. D. Jacobson, Dana Iversen, Marsha Davenport and Brian Scott present.  Director of Equalization Don Wiedemer, Highway Superintendent Leo Sullivan, State’s Attorney Tom P. Maher, Treasurer Sonny Harrowa, Auditor Karen Sharp, Robert Riter, Jr., James Forney, Terrence Kvislen, and Curt Mortenson were also present.

AGENDA:  Motion by Iversen, second by Scott, to approve the Agenda.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

MINUTES:  Motion by Iversen, second by Scott, to approve the Minutes of February 7, 2012.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

TREASURER/AUDITOR REPORTS:    Reviewed reports submitted by the Treasurer and Auditor.

CLAIMS:  Motion by Iversen, second by Jacobson, to approve the verified claims.  All voted Yea.  Motion carried.  Motion by Davenport, second by Jacobson, to approve the claim of Zarecky’s Midwest Construction, Inc., in the sum of $43,180.05 contingent upon submission of all the necessary paperwork.  Jacobson, Davenport, Scott and Booth voting Aye.  Iversen voted Nay.  Motion carried.

AMERICAN MEDICAL RESPONSE INC                    1,143.35  JANUARY 2012 SUBSIDY          
AT&T MOBILITY                                                            48.22  UTILITIES                    
BEST WESTERN RAMKOTA HOTEL                           420.00  PRINCE/IVERSON CONVENTION     BLACK HILLS CHEMICAL & JANITOR                        98.05  SUPPLIES                     
BOB BAK CONSTRUCTION                                     80,280.00  SUPPLIES                     
BROSZ ENGINEERING                                                  150.00  SERVICES & FEES              
BUTLER MACHINERY CO.                                       1,603.59  SUPPLIES                     
CAPITAL AREA REFUSE LLC                                      58.00  TRASH BILLING                 CENTURYLINK                                                           290.23  UTILITIES                     CHEMSEARCH                                                            345.00  SUPPLIES                      CHEMSEARCH                                                            200.47  SUPPLIES                     
CLINICAL LABORATORY OF THE BH                  1,807.00  AUTOPSY                      
COMMUNITY YOUTH INVOLVED CTR.               1,666.66  MARCH SUPPORT                
COWBOY COUNTRY STORES PIERRE                      58.02  SUPPLIES                     
DAMON LAW OFFICE                                               944.76  COURT-APPT ATTY              
DIAMOND MOWERS, INC.                                         99.35  SUPPLIES                     
EDDIES TRUCK SALES                                          1,570.90  SUPPLIES                     
ELECTION SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE                    1,516.00  SUPPORT 4/1/12 TO 3/31/13    
FLEET SERVICES                                                   8,476.71  SUPPLIES                     
FORT PIERRE CITY                                               1,653.55  UTILITIES                    
FRIMAN OIL & GAS CO.                                         652.32  SUPPLIES                     
GASRITE, INC                                                          134.88  SUPPLIES                     
GOLDEN WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS           334.04  911 SERVICES                 
GROSSENBURG IMPLEMENT OF PIERR               264.40  SUPPLIES                     
LARRY D HOLLMANN                                           711.86  COURT-APPT ATTY              
HUGHES COUNTY AUDITOR                            20,000.00  JAN - JUV/ADULT JAIL BILLING
HUGHES COUNTY SHERIFF                                    29.30  SHERIFF’S SERVICE
INLAND TRUCK PARTS CO.                               6,310.25  REPAIRS/MAINT.               
ISBURG FUNERAL CHAPELS                                520.00  TRANSP/AUTOPSY - INVESTIGATION
LURA KIRKPATRICK                                              83.30  WEED/PEST MTG                
KLEINS OFFICE PLUS                                             91.32  SUPPLIES                     
KNECHTS                                                                 43.47  SUPPLIES                     
ROBERT T. KONRAD                                          1,083.73  COURT-APPT ATTY              
KLEIN’S OFFICE EQUIPMENT                               15.98  SUPPLIES                     
DENISE C LANGLEY                                             852.80  LO - BS                       
BRENDA LOUNSBURY                                         135.00  BLOOD TESTS                  
LAWSON PRODUCTS, INC.                                   471.43  SUPPLIES                     
THOMAS P MAHER                                             3,689.07  PROFESSIONAL SERVICES        
MICRO-FIX COMPUTERS                                      105.00  REPAIRS/MAINT                
MICROFILM IMAGING SYSTEMS INC                  375.00  EQUIP RENT                   
MICROFIX, INC.                                                        70.00  REPAIRS/MAINT.               
MID-AMERICAN RESEARCH CHEMICAL            110.94  SUPPLIES                     
MIDCONTINENT COMMUNICATION                   206.70  UTILITIES                    
MN WIRELESS, LLC                                                  69.00  UTILITIES                    
MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES CO                    372.24  UTILITIES                     
DAVID NEUHARTH                                                 75.90  WEED/PEST MTG                
NOBLE INK AND TONER                                      111.95  SUPPLIES                     
DARLIS D PERRY                                                  180.00  BLOOD TESTS                  
PIERRE CITY                                                          110.00  MEDICAL DIRECTOR AGREEMENT   
PAT PRINCE                                                        1,015.30  CERTIFIED MAIL               
REGIONAL HEALTH                                             375.00  MORGUE USE                   
OLINGER,LOVALD & MCCAHREN PC               376.69  BB – CRT-APPT ATTY            RUNNINGS                                                            897.54  SUPPLIES                     
RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC                                       98.06  SUPPLIES                     
SCHAEFFER'S OIL                                                454.08  SUPPLIES                     
SD ASSOC. CO. HWY SUPER.                               80.00  TRAVEL & CONF.               
SD BUREAU OF ADMINISTRATION                    10.67  UTILITIES                    
SD DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE                        175.00  BLOOD TESTS                  
SD DEPT OF LABOR/REGULATION                     20.48  UNEMPLOYMENT PAYMENT          SDAAO                                                                  200.00  MAY 2012 SDAAO CONFERENCE    
SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN CO                         140.00  SUPPLIES                     
SERVALL UNIFORM & LINEN                             18.55  REPAIRS/MAINT.               
A. J. STOESER                                                        72.20  WEED/PEST MTG                
LINDA STROUP                                                1,872.50  PROFESSIONAL SERVICES        
SUTLEY’S TOWN & RANCH                                20.49  SUPPLIES                     
WALMART COMMUNITY                                    41.16  SUPPLIES                     
WW TIRE SERVICE, INC                                      87.50  REPAIRS/MAINT.               
WW TIRE SERVICE INC                                       15.00  TIRE REPAIR                  
XEROX CORPORATION                                     190.02  COPIER LEASE/COPIES          
RANDY YOST                                                       72.20  WEED/PEST MTG                 
ZANDER AUTO PARTS                                      123.12  SUPPLIES                     

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT:  Sullivan reported Pat Prince will be attending Weed and Pest Board meeting with the Corp of Engineers at Mobridge on April 3, 2012.  Gravel crushing is continuing, and the Highway Department is hauling on the Hayes road.

Motion by Scott, second by Davenport, to approve the county paying 20% of the bridge inspections by Brosz Engineering.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Motion by Jacobson, second by Iversen, to purchase a 2012 772 John Deere GP blade off the Aurora County bid for $239,000.00.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Motion by Jacobson, second by Davenport, to surplus the 2004 148 CAT blade and sell it on public auction.

COUNTY VEHICLE:  Motion by Jacobson, second by Davenport, to surplus the 1991 Oldsmobile 88 and trade in for a newer vehicle.  Jacobson, Davenport, Iversen and Booth voted Aye.  Scott voted Nay.  Motion carried.  Motion by Davenport, second by Jacobson, to purchase a 2005 Ford Escape for $9,463.00 plus Oldsmobile trade in.  Jacobson, Davenport, Iversen and Booth voted Aye.  Scott voted Nay.  Motion carried.

ATTENDANCE AND TRAVEL:  Motion by Jacobson, second by Iversen, to approve attendance and travel, to-wit:  Pat Prince to Weed and Pest meeting in Mobridge, April 3, 2012; Commissioners and County Officials to Oahe District meeting in Highmore, March 20, 2012; Commissioners, Karen Sharp and Dawn Sass to County Commissioners and Welfare Officials Workshop in Pierre, March 21 and 22, 2012; Beth Dutt and Don Wiedemer to Assessors’ Workshop, Sioux Falls, May 15 – 18, 2012.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

SAFE DEPOSIT BOX:  Motion by Scott, second by Davenport, to authorize Treasurer Sonny Harrowa and Karen Sharp to have access to safe deposit box.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

NORTH CENTRAL RC&D ASSOCIATION:  Motion by Scott, seconded by Davenport, to not join the North Central Resource Conservation and Development Association, Inc.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

BLEACHERS:  Motion by Scott, second by Iversen, to accept the bid of $250.00 by Jack Johnson for the bleachers.  All voted Aye.  Motion Carried.

ABATEMENT:   Robert Riter, Jr., advised the Commissioners that they had just spent $10,500 to stabilize their bank by the river; $7,800 for Stanley Steamer, and were out of their home living in their daughter’s basement for four months.  They had one and one-half (1-1/2) foot of ground water in their seven- foot crawlspace.  They have paid the first-half of their 2011 taxes which total $5,866. Requesting an abatement of up to 25% of their 2011 taxes.  Don Wiedemer advised that the 2012 tax assessment had taken into consideration the Riter’s loss of value in the property, and he explained the process as to how the assessment is done.  Tom Maher went over the abatement process pursuant to SDCL 10-18.  Motion to defer action by Scott, second by Davenport.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Terrence Kvislen advised the Commissioners that he lived next door to the Riters and had many of the same circumstances.  They have a 4-foot crawl space.  They were out of their home for three months.  Requesting  25% (approximately $1,250) abatement of taxes.  Motion by Scott, second by Iversen, to defer action.  All voted Aye.  Motion Carried.

James Forney commended the Commissioners for their handling of Stanley County business.  He advised that he lives south of Frontier Road and north of the levy.  He suffered considerable damage to his home and is not yet finished with out-of-pocket expenses which have already exceeded six figures.  They moved out all their personal possessions and moved out on May 28, 2011, and were able to partially move back in at Christmas time.  Mr. Forney had heart surgery just before the flood.  Lost all flooring, all base cabinets and sheetrock up to about six feet.  Mold has been minimal because the house was opened up to let air in.  There is lots of exterior damage and loss of landscaping.  FEMA and the City Engineer condemned the home.  He estimated that they have restored 1/3 of the home to pre flood status.  Mr. Forney will provide itemized listing of expenses incurred and estimates from contractors for future expenses.  Requesting 7/12 abatement of taxes.  Mr. Wiedemer advised that the 2012 assessment showed a 47% reduction on the structure and 25% reduction off of the lot for $131,000 loss to structure and lot.  Motion by Scott, second by Davenport, to defer action on all abatements until all have been reviewed.  All voted Aye.  Motion Carried.  Motion amended by Scott, second by Davenport, to defer action on all abatements until April 3, 2012.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Matthew Fonder was not present at meeting.  Curt Mortenson advised that it appears that the house is destroyed.  Garage may have some salvage.

James Ulmen was not present at meeting.  Don Wiedemer advised that there had been water around the house and up to the first floor level.  The house sits higher than some so they did not have the damage that some had.  Garage had 30” of water, deck some damage, carpet stripped out.  Some family members won’t take their children into the home because of mold.  When Wiedemer took pictures, there was still furniture in the house.  Estimates 14% damage pursuant to assessment.

Tom Maher asked Don Wiedemer to contact the applicants advising them that action was deferred to April 3, 2012, and to submit further documentation if they have any.  Maher will further review the procedure and put together some options that the Commissioners may consider.

EXTENSION AND PROMOTION:  Mark Rowen presented a plan for shelving for storage.  Motion by Scott, second by Iversen, to authorize Rowan to buy shelving up to $600.00 with Rowen being reimbursed upon submission of bill.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.  Commissioners will have Custodian Sass get the necessary plywood.

BACKPACK PROGRAM was discussed.

FAIRGROUNDS:  Scott will talk to Mike Ronish about doing some blade work at the fairgrounds, and Scott and Iversen will get bids for a portable roping chute.

SALARIES BY OFFICE: Commissioners, $3,693.35; Auditor, $6,482.37; Treasurer, $6,005.06; States Attorney, $7,034.65; Custodian, $6,695380; Director of Equalization, $7,137.36; Register of Deeds, $3,591.52;Road and Bridge, $28,101.97; Community Health Secretary, $2,726.89; WIC Secretary, $345.65; Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield, employee insurance, $13,492.77; SD Retirement System, withheld and match, $5,626.62; SD Supplemental Retirement, employee contribution, $1,770.00;  Electronic Transfer, FICA, Medicare and Withholding Tax, $10,305.55.

AUDITOR’S ACCOUNT WITH THE TREASURER:                                                                                            

February,  2012                                                                                                                                                   

Cash on hand -- $1,385.15

Checks, less than 3 days -- $7,875.25                                                                             

Petty Cash -- $200.00                                                  

First National Bank -- $63,452.95                                                    

MKKT. ACCT. – First National Bank -- $2,540,795.60                                                  

MKKT. ACCT. – American State Bank -- $66,399.42                        

SD FIT -- $6,007.65                                                   

Total -- $2,686,116.022                                     

REGISTER OF DEEDS:                                                              

Regular fees, February, 2012  $1,379.30                                                           

Transfer fees, February, 2012 -- $1,154.00

ADJOURN:  Motion by Scott, second by Iversen, to adjourn meeting at 11:55 a.m. (CST).  All voted Aye.  Motion Carried.


 Karen K. Sharp, Auditor       Dennis Booth Chairman


Physical address

Stanley County Courthouse
08 E 2nd Avenue
Fort Pierre SD 57532

Mailing Address

Stanley County Courthouse
Auditors Office
PO Box 595
Fort Pierre SD 57532