March 5, 2013



MARCH 5, 2013

The regular meeting of the Stanley Commissioners was called to order at 5:03 .m. (CST) by
Chairman Iversen with Commissioners Dennis Booth and Brian Scott present.  Scott Deal and Ron Heckenlaible were absent.  Auditor Karen Sharp, Custodian Ricky Sass, Director of Equalization Beth Dutt, Assistant Director of Equalization David Reiss, Emergency Management Director Rob Fines, Highway Superintendent Leo Sullivan, Register of Deeds Bev Stoeser, Treasurer Peggy Dougherty, Welfare Director Dawn Sass, Mike Houdyshell, Colleen Skinner and Wendy Semmler of the SD Department of Revenue, Jim Stoeser, Buel Maberry, Maxine Mabberry, Al Weller, Diana Melvin, Jenny Kreiger, Tom Bown, John Foster, Marlys Heidt, Anna Maher, Meg Maher, Jack Maher, Tommy Maher, Paden Cash Belkham were also present.  The meeting began with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

AGENDA:  Motion by Scott, second by Booth, to approve the Agenda.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

MINTUES:  Motion by Scott, second by Booth, to approve the Minutes of February 5 and 14, 2013, with the following amendment to the Minutes of February 14, 2013, to-wit:  Flex time is to be used if possible within the week if the Commissioners asked wage-earner employees to attend the meeting.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

CLAIMS:  Motion by Scott, second by Booth, to approve the claims as presented.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

TARA L ADAMSKI                                                3,482.97  CT APPT  ATT’Y  FEES                      
AMERICAN MEDICAL RESPONSE INC               4,555.10  JAN. 2013                 
SAMANTHA ANDERSON                                          10.74  JUROR FEES                   
AT&T MOBILITY                                                       49.64  CELL PHONES                   
JAMES BECKWITH                                                      2.00  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES        
SHARI BEEGHLY                                                        11.48  JUROR FEES                   
CARLA BOE                                                                60.83  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES   
BOTTOM LINE WELDING                                      3,846.80  WELDING SERVICES
ROSE BRIGGS                                                             10.74  JUROR FEES                   
BRULE COUNTY AUDITOR                                  1,400.00  PB JAN. 2013          
CLINTON CALDWELL                                               29.98  JUROR FEES                   
CAPITAL AREA REFUSE LLC                                   62.75  JAN/FEB 2013           
CAPITAL AREA COUNSELING INC                         174.00  QMHP EVAL                    
WICK COMMUNICATIONS                                       120.00  YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION          
WICK COMMUNICATIONS                                       283.74  JAN 2013 MINUTES          
CARSON CARLISLE                                                    34.02  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES 2012    CENTURYLINK                                                          329.77  OFFICE TELEPHONE  
LANA CHASE                                                               14.58  MV           CHEMSEARCH                                                            114.60  GLOSS-PRO FINISH MOP          COMMUNITY YOUTH INVOLVED CTR                 1,666.67  MARCH 2013 SUPPORT            
COWBOY COUNTRY STORES PIERRE                       77.15  GAS               
AUDREY CUSIMANO                                                 193.06  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES         DAKOTA BUSINESS CENTER                                    563.78  REG OF DEEDS FURN & EQUIP     DAMON LAW OFFICE                                               1,042.50  CT. APP’T. ATT’Y FEES                    VERNON DOCKTER                                                    154.44  JUROR FEES                   
ROCHELLE DOGEAGLE                                                11.48  JUROR FEES                    
PEGGY DOUGHERTY                                                    39.56  TREAS SUPPLIES               
CATHERINE DUMONT                                                   9.21  REFUND OVERPAID MH TAXES      MICHAEL DURICK                                                      152.22  JUROR FEES                    
EDDIE'S TRUCK SALES                                               103.77  TRUCK SUPLLIES
ELECTION SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE                        1,516.00  USAGE AGRMNT & SUPPORT    CAMILLE ERICKSON                                                    10.74  JUROR FEES                   
MARLIN FALLON                                                         28.50  JUROR FEES                   
FRANCIS FERGUSON                                                   10.74  JUROR FEES                   
REED FINCH                                                                   1.50  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES        
FIRST NATIONAL BANK                                              15.00  SAFE DEPOSIT BOX
WADE FISCHER                                                           444.17  JUV CRT APPT ATTRNY
WADE FISCHER                                                           444.66   CRT ATTP ATTY         
FLEET SERVICES                                                       7,671.06  DYED FUEL & GAS              
MATHEW FONDER                                                      491.49  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES        
FORT PIERRE CITY                                                   1,859.17  MELVIN RODEO                 
FOUR CORNERS FIRE DEPTMENT                          2,868.58  INSTALLATION CURTAIN & FAN    MARLYS FRATZKE                                                     152.22  JUROR FEES                   
FRIMAN OIL & GAS CO INC                                       587.55  PROPANE
THE GARAGE DOOR GUY                                           591.84  FAIRGROUNDS GARAGE DOOR      DORANNA GARRITY                                                   238.80  JUROR FEES                   
DENISE GEHRING                                                         100.00  REFUND OVERPAID MH TAXES      GEMLOCK LLC                                                              270.96  REFUND OVERPAID TAX 2008    GOLDEN WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS                 334.04  E 911 UTILITIES              
BOBBIE GREGG                                                               12.28  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES         
GARY GRITTNER                                                             60.00  PROFESSIONAL FEES                 GROSSENBURG IMPLEMENT OF PIERRE                     15.84  PARTS - SUPPLIES             
JAMES HALLING                                                             10.74  JUROR FEES                   
MARGE HARTSOCK                                                         4.42  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES         DARLEEN HAYES                                                           11.48  JUROR FEES                   
VICKIE HENINGER                                                          11.48  JUROR FEES                   
RICHARD HERMAN                                                        72.54  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES        
NEIL HODGES                                                                  55.67  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES         JONATHON HOFER                                                        14.44  JUROR FEES                   
HOGEN'S HARDWARE HANK                                        8.74  GOV BLDG SUPPLIES            
HOME FEDERAL BANK                                               983.69  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES         HUGHES COUNTY AUDITOR                                  58,800.00  DEC/JAN JAIL                 
JUANITA HUGHES                                                         11.48  JUROR FEES                   
AMY HUNSLEY MCTIGHE                                            12.96  JUROR FEES                   
INLAND TRUCK PARTS                                                88.63  PARTS - REPAIRS 
CODY JACOB                                                                  11.48  JUROR FEES                   
DONALD A JANZ PH.D                                              1,100.00  ASSESSMENT                   
CAROL JOHNSON                                                         152.22  JUROR FEES                   
MARTY JOHNSON                                                        182.62  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES        
PETER KIENHOLZ                                                          11.48  JUROR FEES                   
KARMYN KINDLE                                                          32.45  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES        
LARRY KINDLE                                                              11.48  JUROR FEES                   
LORRAINE KINTZ                                                         194.40  JUROR FEES                   
LORRAINE KINTZ                                                           35.00  LIBRARY MEMBRSHP 2013
WACEY KIRKPATRICK                                                  39.60  JUROR FEES                    
KLEINS OFFICE PLUS                                                     42.40  AUDITOR SUPPLIES              CANDANCE KLEMANN                                                   85.69  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES         CLAIRE KONOLD                                                              21.21  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES         STACEY LACOMPTE                                                     1,000.00  OVERPAY CRT-APPT FEES 
CHERYL LEETCH                                                               10.74  JUROR FEES                   
JOHNA LEIDHOLT                                                               1.96  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES         JOSHUA LIEBERMAN                                                      606.29  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES         LOWER BRULE FARMS CORP                                        325.21  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES         LOWER BRULE SIOUX TRIBE                                          25.83  REFUND OVERPAID TAXES
RICKY LUDEMANN                                                          10.74  JUROR FEES                   
WILLIAM MADDOCKS                                                    205.81  REFUND OVERPAID TAX         THOMAS P MAHER                                                       2,687.33  MONTHLY EXPENSES              MARGARET MALM                                                           12.22  JUROR FEES                   
CHRISTOPHER MARSH                                                    10.74  JUROR FEES                   
DANIELLE MARTIN                                                          10.74  JUROR FEES                   
PHILIP MATHEWS                                                            30.72  JUROR FEES                   
MICRO-FIX COMPUTERS                                                302.00  TREAS PRINTER REPAIR  
MICROFILM IMAGING SYSTEMS INC                            375.00  SCANNING EQUIP RENT   MIDCONTINENT COMMUNICATION                            217.30  INTERNET/PHONE               
CARRIE MILLER                                                                25.18  REFUND OVERPAID TAX        MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES CO                              403.55  NATURAL GAS                   
CURTIS & CRAIG MUNDT                                              559.08  REFUND OVERPAID TAX        
WYATT MYERS                                                                 10.74  JUROR FEES                    NAPA                                                                                  39.47  PARTS   
TIMOTHY NEMEC                                                           464.18  REFUND OVERPAID TAX        
DAVID NEUHARTH                                                         193.55  REFUND OVERPAID TAX       
NOBLE INK & TONER                                                       67.98  HP INK FOR PRINTER           
MORK NORMAN                                                                43.30  JUROR FEES                   
NILA NOVOTNY                                                               152.22  JUROR FEES                   
JAMES OLSON                                                                    10.74  JUROR FEES                   
DOLORES ORMESHER                                                     154.44  JUROR FEES                   
JAMIE PAHL                                                                      156.66  JUROR FEES                   
CLAY PEARSON                                                                 10.74  JUROR FEES                   
DARLIS D PERRY                                                             315.00  BLOOD ALCOHOL                 LEONARD PETOSKE                                                          95.04  REFUND OVERPAID TAX        
CITY OF PIERRE                                                                110.00  MEDICAL DIRECTOR       
PITNEY BOWES INC                                                          148.53  SUPPLIES                     
PITNEY BOWES                                                               1,309.14  POSTAGE                      
HAINES  POND                                                                    24.80 JUROR FEES         
PRYNTCOMM                                                                     130.45  SUPPLY                               
QUILL CORPORATION                                                      356.71 SUPPLIES             
DAVID QUISENBERRY                                                       98.38  REFUND OVERPAID TAX         RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC                                                    49.55  GOV BLDG SUPPLIES             RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC                                                    52.82  PARTS - SUPPLIES             
JEREMY SCHAD                                                                  80.32  REFUND OVERPAID TAX        
COREY SCHAEFER                                                               2.00  REFUND OVERPAID TAX         SCHMIDT SCHROYER MORENO LEE                                26.00  PROFESSIONAL FEES
BRAD A SCHREIBER                                                          121.30  CT-APPT. ATT’Y FEES                   LLOYD SCHUTTERLE                                                          10.74  JUROR FEES                   
JOSEPH SCOTT                                                                     10.74  JUROR FEES                   
KEVIN SCOTT                                                                     301.47  REFUND OVERPAID TAX        
SD BUREAU OF ADMINISTRATION                                   14.12  BIT STATE TELEPHONE        
SD DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE                                  80,480.24  MV & VITALS
SD DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE                                    1,730.65  DOH HEALTH NURSE 
SD ASSN OF COUNTY OFFICIALS                                    138.00  M/P FUND FOR ROD
SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN CO                                          31.64  CLEAN RUNNERS                
KATHY SIMON                                                                     13.70  JUROR FEES                   
SMITH'S FIRE EXTINGUISHER                                            48.00  ANNUAL INSPECTION
SOUTH DAKOTA CARES INC                                            176.83  REFUND OVERPAID TAX         AARON SPANGENBERG                                                      10.74  JUROR FEES                   
GARY SPENCER                                                                  152.22  JUROR FEES                   
ST MARY'S HEALTH CARE CENTER                              3,034.10  CRISIS ROOM
STANLEY CO SCHOOL DISTRICT                               169,353.61  DUE TO SC SCHOOL                   HOLLIE STOESER                                                                 12.22  JUROR FEES                   
RODNEY STOESER                                                               18.33  REFUND OVERPAID TAX         KEVIN SUNDE                                                                     152.22  JUROR FEES                   
SUNTRUST MORTGAGE                                                        4.64  REFUND OVERPAID TAX         SUTLEYS TOWN & RANCH MARKET                                24.73  SUPPLIES                     
LAWRENCE A THOMPSON JR                                              3.48  REFUND OVERPAID TAX        
KERI THOMPSON                                                                  10.74  JUROR FEES                   
RICHARD TIESZEN                                                               81.33  REFUND OVERPAID TAX         TIMPAM RANCHES                                                               31.50  REFUND OVERPAID TAX         TITAN ACCESS ACCOUNT                                                   10.84  PARTS FOR LOADER             
TRIPLE U INC                                                                         79.61  REFUND OVERPAID TAX         FRANK TURNER                                                                   766.98  REFUND OVERPAID TAX         DARLENE ULVESTAD                                                             9.06  REFUND OVERPAID TAX UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE DIV                                  529.13  DISTRESS WARRANT       
JON VANDER MATEN                                                           45.00  BLOOD TEST                    WALMART                                                                              58.82  OFFICE EQUIPMENT              JEFFREY WILSON                                                                   10.74  JUROR FEES                    
BARBARA WOOD                                                                 183.30  JUROR FEES                   
DELORES WURTS                                                                   10.74  JUROR FEES                   
WW TIRE SERVICE INC                                                        167.00  TIRE SERVICE                 
XEROX CORPORATION                                                        190.82  COPY MACHINE         
ZANDER AUTO PARTS                                                           90.22  PARTS - SUPPLIES             

SALARIES BY OFFICE: Commissioners-- $4,134.004; Auditor--$4,719.72; Treasurer-- $4,758.02; States Attorney-- $5,345.22; Custodian--$2,469.60; Director of Equalization--$4,800.82; Register of Deeds--$2,704.00;Road and Bridge,--$21,295.56; Community Health Secretary--$2,004.86; WIC Secretary--$252.36; Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield, employee insurance--$13,017.46; SD Retirement System, withheld and match--$5,802.20; SD Supplemental Retirement, employee contribution--$1,900.00;  Electronic Transfer, FICA, Medicare and Withholding Tax--$11,620.32.

AUDITOR’S ACCOUNT WITH THE TREASURER:                                                                                            

February 2013                                                                                                                                                                         

Cash on hand -- $2,068.57

Checks, less than 3 days – $28,636.03

 Petty Cash -- $200.00                                                                                                                  

First National Bank -- $68,347.12                                         

MKKT. ACCT. – First National Bank – $2,917,946.22                                                                                           

MKKT. ACCT. – American State Bank ----$66,732.26                                                                    

SD FIT -- $6,009.44             

TOTAL -- $3,089,939.64                                                                        

REGISTER OF DEEDS:                                                                                                                                 

Regular fees -- February, 2013-- $1,982.18                                                                                                                       

Transfer fees -- February, 2013-- $584.00                  


CASH TRANSFER:  Motion by Booth, second by Scott, to do a cash transfer from the General Fund to the Fire Fund for $5,000.00 for equipment and supplies.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

EXECUTIVE SESSION:  Motion by Booth, second by Scott, to go into Executive Session for Poor Relief, SDCL 1-25-2(3) at 5:23 p.m.  Chairman Iversen declare our of Executive Session at 5:34 p.m.

Motion by Scott, second by Booth, to deny Poor Relief Claim 03-05-2013-01.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

FLOOR SCRUBBER:   Motion by Booth, second by Scott, to authorize purchase of a floor scrubber for a maximum sum of $2,000.00 from Black Hills Chemical with the understanding that the Custodian will clean the carpets as requested.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT:  Director Rob Fines explained the Resource Ordering and Tracking System and advised the Commission that there are left-over monies from the Homeland Security 2011 monies that may be applied for.  Fines has contacted the necessary individuals.

REVENUE DEPARTMENT:  Mike Houdyshell and Colleen Skinner of the Department of Revenue, Property and Special Tax Division, gave a presentation reviewing the assessment, levies and taxation process.

RIVER 4-H CLUB:  Members of the River 4-H Club advised that they are the recipients of the SD Rural Communities Grant from the Department of Agriculture and asked for permission to do improvement projects at the fairgrounds.  Motion by Booth, second by Scott, to accept the help of the River 4-H Club for improvements at the fairgrounds.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT:  Motion by Scott, second by Booth, to approve and authorize Chairman Iversen to sign the 2013 Funding Exchange Agreement with the State of South Dakota, Department of Transportation.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

ABATEMENTS:  Stoeser – Motion by Scott, second by Booth, to void the abatement of $502.53 awarded on February 5, 2013, to Jim Stoeser since further information was provided showing that the properties had been properly assessed and taxed.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Maberry --  Motion by Booth, second by Scott, to abate $1,304.89.  Booth and Scott voted Aye.  Iversen voted Nay.  Motion carried.

Wolf --  Motion by Scott, second by Booth, to abate $120.30.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

Foster – Commissioners asked for a new assessment to be done prior to the April meeting.

Thompson – Motion by Booth, second by Scott, to abate $154.38.  All voted Aye.

DRAINAGE – JIM FORNEY:  Motion by Scott, second by Booth, to table until April 2, 2013, when the State’s Attorney can be present.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

POST OFFICE RURAL CARRIERS:  Al Weller asked for the County’s help in keep the rural postal carriers in Fort Pierre, and asked that a letter be sent to the SD Congressional Senators and Representative.  Motion by Booth, second by Scott, that Stanley County support efforts to keep rural carriers in Stanley County at the Fort Pierre Post Office.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

FOREST SERVICE SPECIAL USE PERMITS correspondence was reviewed.

FAIRGROUNDS:  Discussed plans for the rodeo arena improvements.  Motion by Booth, second by Scott, that upon the State’s Attorney’s review and approval of the Agreement establishing the Casey Tibbs Arena Upgrade Project Chairman Iversen be authorized to sign the agreement.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

OAHE DISTRICT MEETING Tuesday, March 12, 2013, was discussed.

TRAVEL AND ATTENDANCE:  Motion by Booth, second by Scott, to authorize travel and attendance by Elected Officials and employees to the County Commissioners, New Officials and Welfare Director Workshops, March 20 and 21, 2013, and the SDDAAO Conference, May 28 – 31, 2013.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

EMPLOYEE LIFE INSURANCE:  Motion by Scott, second by Booth, to authorize Auditor Karen Sharp to change the  Stanley County employee life insurance to Unum Group Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

WORKMEN’S COMP AUDIT:  Auditor Sharp advised the Commissioners that Stanley County had a very favorable workmen’s comp audit in February, 2013.

BACKPACK PROGRAM:  Motion by Booth, second by Scott, to donate $1,500.00 to the Pierre Area Referral Service for the BackPack Program/Feinstein $1 Million Giveaway to Fight Hunger.  All voted Aye.  Motion carried.

ADJOURN:  Motion to Adjourn at 9:45 p.m. (CST) by Booth, second by Scott.  All voted Aye.  Meeting Adjourned.

ATTEST:                                                                   BOARD OF STANLEY COUNTY COMMISSIONERS


Karen Sharp, Auditor                                                                          Dana Iversen, Chairman


Physical address

Stanley County Courthouse
08 E 2nd Avenue
Fort Pierre SD 57532

Mailing Address

Stanley County Courthouse
Auditors Office
PO Box 595
Fort Pierre SD 57532