March 26, 2012 Joint Meeting



MARCH 26, 2012

Special Joint Meeting of the Stanley County Commission, City of Fort Pierre and Stanley County School District was called to order at 6:35 p.m.

Present were Darby Nutter, John Duffy, Don Hotalling, Bob Johnson, Sam Tidball, Brad Lawrence, Don Wiedemer, Marsha Davenport, Dana Iversen, Brian Scott and Karen Sharp.

Discussion was had regarding finalizing plans for the Parkview parking lot and that it being almost ready for asphalt.  Gravel is needed before paving.  Brad Lawrence gave a rough estimate of 400 yards being needed.  A request was made of the county to provide gravel.  Recreation Association reported that bleachers are being built.  Lee Rouse will be scheduling field times for the ball park.  Volunteers are being sought to repair and replace fence between bus barn and concession stand.  There will be a ceremony to name the field, possibly Carter—Norman Field.  Discussion held about moving bleachers on football field to west side.  Update was given regarding projects at the school, i.e. new school, wood floor being refurbished, new bleachers providing handicap accessibility, getting the practice football field back into shape.  City officials gave update on the depot project.  Adjustments in taxes were discussed.  Work at the fairgrounds was discussed.  Camping spaces at Lily Park was discussed.  School advised that it had surplused the Parkview bleachers with preference they be used by a non-profit entity.

Adjourn at 7:57 p.m.

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