February 10, 2015 (Special Meeting)



February 10, 2015


The special meeting of the Stanley County Commission was called to order at 5:04 p.m. (CDT) by Chairman Scott Deal with Commissioners Dana Iversen, Dennis Booth, Sonny Harrowa and Craig Heller present. Also present were Director of Equalization Consultant Roger Fuller, Fairgrounds Board Casey Cowan, Carson Carlisle, Kayla Klemann, Roger Theobald, Fort Pierre Fire Department Cody Lengkeek, and Auditor Philena Edwards. The meeting commenced with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.


AGENDA:  Motion by Sonny Harrowa, second by Dana Iversen to approve the Agenda.  All voted Aye.  Motion Carried.


Motion by Dennis Booth, second by Sonny Harrowa to go into Executive Session, Personnel, SDCL 1-25-2(1) at 5:06 p.m. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.

Motion by Dana Iversen, second by Dennis Booth, to reconvene at 5:34 p.m. All voted Aye. Motion Carried. Motion by Dana Iversen, second by Dennis Booth to allow Nancy Lemieux to take classes to get her certification for the assessor’s office. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


FAIRGROUNDS: Went over Commission and Fairgrounds Board expectations. Delegate day to day operations to the Fairgrounds Board, work with Commission liaisons. Discussed fencing from the paddock to the wooden fence with a gate across the road. Need to get quotes. Talked about the budget, will work with approved budget to accomplish goals of the Commission and the Fairgrounds Board. Casey Cowan had a couple suggestions for 4th of July rodeo, doing an amateur rodeo to get more locals participating and attending. Old Timer Wild Horse Race. The Fairgrounds Board will check into these suggestions.

The Fairgrounds Board will get quotes for arena. This needs to be replaced before it becomes too much of a safety hazard.

We are waiting for the economic survey. Our goal is to get the fairgrounds fixed/repaired/replace all that needs to be done, ‘shining’ in the next 5 years.

All are in agreeance to hire a part-time event coordinator. Casey and Chuck will work on job description to advertise.


FORT PIERRE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARMTMENT: Chief Cody Lengkeek presented the Commission with a Contract for Fire Protection. It is the same contract that was signed in 2010, however, with new Commissioners and new Fire Department Officers, it was decided to inform each board of what is already in place. The Commissioners would like for Tom P Maher to review the Contract, then it will be discussed/approved to sign at the March 3rd meeting.


DISCUSSION: Emergency Management is putting bids in for emergency sirens. They should hear something by the March meeting. The County will need to get with the City to figure cost.


Sonny Harrowa received notice that there was a Fire Service Meeting in Pierre on Tuesday February 17. The agenda covered future grants and training. National Weather Service, 911 Dispatch communications and a tour. The commissioners are interested and will try to attend.


The deadline is approaching for Four Corners Fire Department to put a bid in for a fire truck. Fire season is also approaching and they will need this equipment. Concerns were made regarding appropriations of funds for fire equipment needed.  It was discussed that this is higher priority and the department has the authority to put a bid in.


Talked about having the highway supervisor use a Construction Maintenance Daily Log to keep track of the progress of on-going projects and plan for future projects that need attention. It would also be helpful when preparing grants and during audits.



ADJOURN:   Motion by Dennis Booth, second by Craig Heller to adjourn at 6:30 pm (CDT).  All voted Aye.  Motion Carried.


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