Augustu 5, 2014



AUGUST 5, 2014


The regular meeting of the Stanley County Commission was called to order at 5:09 p.m. (CDT) by Chairman Scott with Commissioners Dennis Booth, Scott Deal and Dana Iversen present.  Others in attendance were Auditor Karen Sharp, State’s Attorney Tom P. Maher, Treasurer Peggy Dougherty, Director of Equalization Ron Nagle, Emergency Management Director Rob Fines, Fairgrounds Manager Brenton Crane, Highway Superintendent Kelly McCollam, Fort Pierre Mayor Gloria Hanson, Fort Pierre Councilman Randy Seiler, and Fort Pierre Director of Public Works Brad Lawrence.  The meeting commenced with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.


AGENDA:  Motion by Harrowa, second by Deal, to approve the Agenda.  All Voted Aye.  Motion Carried.


MINUTES:  Motion by Iversen, second by Harrowa, to approve the minutes of July 14 and 24, 2014.  All Voted Aye.  Motion Carried.


Motion by Iversen, second by Booth, to approve the Fairgrounds Manager’s purchase of light fixtures and installation by Todd’s Electric in the sum of $1,430.00.  All Voted Aye.  Motion Carried.


CLAIMS:  Motion by Booth, second by Deal, to approve the claims.  All Voted Aye.  Motion Carried.


3D SPECIALTY                                                                                  199.68  ROAD WORK AHEAD SIGNS        

AIRTECH HEATING & COOLING INC                                       105.00  GOV BLDG REPAIR & MAINT      

ALL AROUND GRAPHIX                                                                 179.00  FAIRGROUNDS SUPPLY            

AMERICAN MEDICAL RESPONSE INC                                  2,193.00  JULY 2014 SUBSIDY BILL       

AT&T MOBILITY                                                                               144.18  CELL PHONES                  

AVERA ST MARYS HOSPITAL                                                         75.81  JAIL CLAIM                   

ROBERT BAK                                                                                         53.50  COMMERCIAL REFUND            

BANKWEST INSURANCE                                                                 439.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO

JENNY BELKHAM                                                                              496.16  4TH OF JULY RODEO

MEGAN BELUS                                                                                   675.12  4TH OF JULY RODEO

CHAD BERGOR                                                                                1,800.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO

JEWEL BETTELYOUN                                                                        200.79  4TH OF JULY RODEO

DON BETTELYOUN                                                              200.79  4TH OF JULY RODEO          

BLACK HILLS CHEMICAL & JANITOR                                          53.00  GOV BLDG SUPPLY

RORY BROWN                                                                                      535.44  4TH OF JULY RODEO

HANNA BROWN                                                                                  1,302.23  4TH OF JULY RODEO             

BUTLER MACHINERY CO                                                                 447.80  7FT CUTTING EDGES & BOLTS    

CAPITAL AREA REFUSE LLC                                                              62.75  TRASH BILLING 6/23-7/27      

WICK COMMUNICATIONS                                                                 806.20  DOE JOB AD                   

CENTRAL CULVERT SUPPLY                                                          2,255.40  CULVERT FOR MILLER RANCH RD  

CENTURYLINK                                                                                        326.13  PHONE SERVICE                

CHANDLERS INC AUTOGLASS/RECYCL                                          18.00  FAIRGROUNDS SUPPLIES         

CHEMSEARCH                                                                                          123.74  GOV BLDG SUPPL               

CHRISTY LUMBER                                                                    41.00  SHOP SUPPLIES                

CHRISTY LUMBER                                                                    3.75  GOV BLDG SUPPL

TRIG CLARK                                                                                             378.30  4TH OF JULY RODEO

JESSE CLEMENT                                                                                        240.08  4TH OF JULY RODEO              

CLINICAL LABORATORY OF THE BH                                            2,157.00  AUTOPSY                      

COCA-COLA OF CENTRAL SD/PIERRE                                               258.00  MONSTER TRUCKS               

COLE PAPERS INC                                                                                    260.23  FAIRGROUNDS- SUPPLY 

COMMTECH                                                                                                160.00  DOE REPAIRS & MAINT          

COMMUNICATIONS CENTER INC                                                       480.00  TOWER LEASE                  

COMMUNITY YOUTH INVOLVED, INC.                                          1,666.67  AUGUST 2014 SUPPORT

TATE COWAN                                                                                              113.98  4TH OF JULY RODEO  

COWBOY COUNTRY STORES PIERRE                                                145.08  INVOICE 109854 – DOE

BRENTON CRANE                                                                                    1,350.00  START-UP CASH-4TH JULY

BRENTON CRANE                                                                                      2,100.00  START-UP CASH        

DAKOTA RADIO GROUP                                                                             512.00  MOE BANDY/4TH OF JULY

TUCKER DALE                                                                                             133.38  4TH OF JULY RODEO

JESSE DALE                                                                                                   240.08  4TH OF JULY RODEO 

SHAWN DEAL                                                                                          33.50  MV REFUND       

JR DEES                                                                                                             423.89  4TH OF JULY RODEO

AMY DEICHERT                                                                                             762.66  4TH OF JULY RODEO

KATIE DOLL                                                                                                    217.28  4TH OF JULY RODEO            

EAGLE SALES COMPANY                                                                    364.00  MONSTER TRUCKS               

EDDIE'S TRUCK SALES                                                            2,208.43  TRUCK REPAIRS & PARTS        

ENVIROTECH WASTE SERVICES INC                                                     144.62  FAIRGROUNDS

ENVIROTECH WASTE SERVICES INC                                                   151.87  FAIRGROUNDS                 

EQUIPMENT BLADES INC                                                                 4,374.00  CARBIDE CUTTING EDGES        

EXPO CENTER                                                                                         500.00  MOE BANDY CONCERT            

FISCHER ROUNDS - PIERRE                                                                 616.80  RODEO-WEATHER INS.

WADE FISCHER                                                                                                928.00  CRT APPT ATTORNEY              

FLEET SERVICES                                                                                          1,927.58  GASOLINE                     

FORT PIERRE CITY                                                                                             11.23  CHN COPIER LEASE/COPIES    

FORT PIERRE CITY                                                                                       2,815.36  UTILITIES

FORT PIERRE CITY                                                                                        9,321.74 DUE TO CITY FORT PIERRE

FORT PIERRE FIRE DEPT                                                                             9,973.48 FIRE PREMIUM REFUND 

FOUR CORNERS FIRE DEPARTMENT                                                    2,821.44 FIRE PREMIUM REFUND

HALLIE FULTON                                                                                                710.76  4TH OF JULY RODEO

DREW GARTNER                                                                                                 640.20  4TH OF JULY RODEO                  

GOLDEN WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS                                                 334.04  E-911           

PAUL GRIEMSMAN                                                                                            640.20  4TH OF JULY RODEO

JANA GRIEMSMAN                                                                                             948.18  4TH OF JULY RODEO            

GROSSENBURG IMPLEMENT OF PIERR                                                     318.57  PARTS-SUPPLIES  

COLBY HANNUM                                                                                             1,025.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO

KYLE HAPNEY                                                                                                     304.10  4TH OF JULY RODEO

LONNY HARROWA                                                                                              500.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO

SLOAN HENDLEY                                                                                                 133.38  4TH OF JULY RODEO

COLE HINDMAN                                                                                                   144.05  4TH OF JULY RODEO

KARLA HOFHENKE                                                                                             153.89  4TH OF JULY RODEO            

HOGEN'S HARDWARE HANK                                                                             13.38  GOV BLDG SUPPL               

HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS                                                                                    930.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO            

HUGHES COUNTY AUDITOR                                                                        9,680.00  JUNE 2014 JAIL BILL

JOHN HUNT                                                                                                           500.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO          

INLAND TRUCK PARTS                                                                    3,896.72  TRUCK PARTS-REPAIRS

ASHLEE JAEGER                                                                                                  312.34  4TH OF JULY RODEO

KEVIN JAEGER                                                                                                       312.34  4TH OF JULY RODEO          

JC OFFICE SUPPLY                                                                                                19.99  INK FOR OFFICEJET            

JC OFFICE SUPPLY                                                                                               43.27  AUD SUPPLY                   

JEROME BEVERAGE INC                                                                                   639.20  MONSTER TRUCKS               

JOBS DAUGHTERS                                                                                           800.00  RODEO-CONCESSIONS

CARSON JOHNSTON                                                                                            547.08  4TH OF JULY RODEO

COREY JONAS                                                                                                        500.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO

KYLE KAFKA                                                                                                            45.00  MV REFUND       

CHELSEY KELLY                                                                                                  560.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO

MARK KENYON                                                                                     311.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO

STEVE KLEIN                                                                                                          506.83  4TH OF JULY RODEO            

ROBERT T KONRAD                                                                                5,168.08  CRT APPT ATTORNEY                      

WADE KUIPERS                                                                                                  3,800.00  SOUND SYSTEM     

SCOTT LAMMERS                                                                                                 183.33  4TH OF JULY RODEO

DOUGLAS LAWRENCE                                                                                          257.54  4TH OF JULY RODEO

ROREY LEMMEL                                                                                                    500.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO

LINCOLN COUNTY                                                                                                  82.37  MENTAL ILL HEARING

JAY LONGBRAKE                                                                                                    80.03  4TH OF JULY RODEO

TATE LONGBRAKE                                                                                                 464.15  4TH OF JULY RODEO

LONGBRAKE RODEO                                                                                         2,100.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO

J B LORD                                                                                                                     590.73  4TH OF JULY RODEO

DALLAS LOUDEN                                                                                                    686.76  4TH OF JULY RODEO

MACE LUCKETT                                                                                                     500.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO             

LYNNS DAKOTAMART                                                                              2,972.23  FAIRGROUNDS SUPPLIES         

THOMAS P MAHER                                                                                           2,767.22  JULY MONTHLY EXPENSE

DILLON MANDERFELD                                                                         203.70  4TH OF JULY RODEO

KRYSTAL MARONE                                                                                                 257.28  4TH OF JULY RODEO

JODY MARONE                                                                                                          111.55  4TH OF JULY RODEO

DAVE MARONE                                                                                         111.55  4TH OF JULY RODEO

CERI MCCAFFERY                                                                                                  577.15  4TH OF JULY RODEO  

MCLEOD'S PRINTING & OFFICE SUP                                                 65.45  ELECTION SUPPLIES

DAINE MCNENNY                                                                                                     400.61  4TH OF JULY RODEO            

CURT MERRIMAN PRINTING                                                                               225.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO            

MICRO-FIX COMPUTERS                                                                                80.00  REPAIRS           

MICROFILM IMAGING SYSTEMS INC                                                              375.00  ROD EQUIP RENTAL

MIDLAND FIRE DEPARTMENT                                                                            328.06  FIRE PREMIUM REFUND

MIDWEST RODEO ENTRIES                                                                           1,284.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO

JORDAN MILLER                                                                                                       558.72  4TH OF JULY RODEO

COLBEE MOHR                                                                                                      329.80  4TH OF JULY RODEO            

MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES CO                                                             35.31  GOV BLDG NATURAL GAS

KATIE JO MORGAN                                                                                               105.24  4TH OF JULY RODEO         

OMAR MUNOZ                                                                                                   17.50  MV REFUND                    

RONALD K. NAGLE                                                                                           25.16  DOE SUPPLIES    

CHUCK NELSON                                                                                                       893.86  4TH OF JULY RODEO

MIKE NELSON                                                                                                              488.88  4TH OF JULY RODEO            

NOBLE INK & TONER                                                                                        65.99  TONER FOR LASERJET

NRCA                                                                                                                        1,840.50  4TH OF JULY RODEO

OK LIVESTOCK                                                                                     6,550.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO

CASEY OLSON                                                                                                           711.06  4TH OF JULY RODEO           

THE PAINT STORE INC                                                                                     126.00  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIRS

MATTEE PAULEY                                                                                                       105.24  4TH OF JULY RODEO

BLAKE PAXTON                                                                                                         500.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO

BLAKE PAXTON                                                                                                          250.00  ANNOUNCER 

JON PEEK                                                                                                                      143.08  4TH OF JULY RODEO

MATT PETERS                                                                                                             829.84  4TH OF JULY RODEO

ROY W PETERSEN JR                                                                                           15.00  MV REFUND       

TOMIE PETERSON                                                                                                    969.76  4TH OF JULY RODEO            

PITNEY BOWES                                                                                                    340.23  POSTAGE                      

BARBARA POCHES                                                                                                35.00 LIBRARY MEMBERSHIP    

JOHN W PONCELET                                                                                               48.00  MV REFUND       

SARAH PORCH                                                                                                             631.47  4TH OF JULY RODEO

SHAWN PORCH                                                                                              500.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO            

POWERPLAN                                                                                                       1,358.19  RIPPER SCARIFR

DORI PRINCE                                                                                                            40.00  MV REFUND                    

PRO BUILD HOLDINGS LLC                                                                              2,030.37  FAIRGROUND REPAIR

PRYNTCOMM                                                                                                            41.55  FAIRGROUND SUPPLY

MADISON RAU                                                                                                               847.66  4TH OF JULY RODEO         

RIVERFRONT BROADCASTING LLC                                                                  761.25  MONSTER TRUCKS  

LANE ROETTELE                                                                                                        1,600.50  4TH OF JULY RODEO            

RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC                                                                                          42.04  SHOP SUPPLIES          

RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC                                                                                                      20.98  GOV BLDG SUPPLY   

STANLEY COUNTY SCHOOL DIST                                                                       43,860.41  DUE  SC SCHOOL

STANLEY COUNTY SCHOOL DIST                                                                    112,635.50  PILT

STANLEY COUNTY SCHOOL DIST                                                                   725.13  BANKHEAD JONES           

STANLEY COUNTY TREASURER                                                                          5.00  ADMIN FEES    

TEL SCHAACK                                                                                                              773.58  4TH OF JULY RODEO               

SCHMIDT SCHROYER MORENO LEE                                                                  90.48  MENTAL ILL BRD  

TRAVIS SCHROTH                                                                                                        439.12  4TH OF JULY RODEO

KIRK SCHUELTE                                                                                                            500.00  4TH OF JULY RODEO

JEROD SCHWARTING                                                                                                   205.16  4TH OF JULY RODEO            

SD BUREAU OF ADMINISTRATION                                                                      13.20  BIT PHONE SERVICE              

SD DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE                                                                          385.00  BLOOD ALCOHOL  

SD DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE                                                           67,025.42  MV & VITALS        

SD ASSN OF COUNTY COMMISSIONER                                                              823.15  CLERP  

SD ASS’N OF COUNTY OFFICIALS                                                                       182.00  DUE COUNTY ASS’N

SDRA                                                                                                                                 2,388.50  4TH OF JULY RODEO

KARA SEMMLER                                                                                                      443.70 CRT APPT ATTORNEY                    

SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN CO                                                                               52.32  CLEAN RUGS            

SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN CO                                                                             100.09  GOV BLDG SUPPLY 

CATI STANKO                                                                                                                1,599.78  4TH OF JULY RODEO

STANLEY POST 20 AMERICAN LEGION                                                  550.00  MONSTER TRUCKS             

STATE SUPPLY COMPANY                                                                                     101.42  GOV BLDG REPAIR

LARRY STEELE                                                                                                 373.45  4TH OF JULY RODEO

TRACE STEELE                                                                                                               373.45  4TH OF JULY RODEO     

HAROLD STONE                                                                                                          35.00  LIBRARY     

SUN MASTERS                                                                                                           425.00  WINDOWS

SUPERIOR LAMP & SUPPLY                                                                                   494.55  FAIRGROUND        

SUTLEYS TOWN & RANCH MARKET                                                                       4.73  OFFICE SUPPLIES              

BILL SWISHER                                                                                                             21.00  MV REFUND       

TEAM DALLAS                                                                                                                   500.00  4TH OF JULY

CLIFFORD TIBBS                                                                                                              101.85  4TH OF JULY            

NORMA TIBBS                                                                                                             300.00  CONCESSIONS

AMY TIERNEY                                                                                                                   442.32  4TH OF JULY

JORDAN TIERNEY                                                                                                             360.84  4TH OF JULY   

TODDS ELECTRIC SERVICE INC                                                                           1,430.00  FAIRGROUNDS

REX TREEBY                                                                                                                       773.58  4TH OF JULY

ULTRA INC                                                                                                                           11,557.20 CONTRACT/REPAIR

UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE DIV                                                                        690.00  RD & BRD     

MONA WEIGER                                                                                                             137.10  COURT REPORTER                     

WENDELL LAW OFFICE PC                                                                                        721.34  CRT APPT ATTY 

BRETT WILCOX                                                                                                                      319.13  4TH OF JULY

JESSE WILSON                                                                                                                          224.07  4TH OF JULY

JAMIE WOLF                                                                                                                              543.69  4TH OF JULY

RON WOODBRIDGE                                                                                                       13,500.00  MONSTER TRUCK 

CASSY WOODWARD                                                                                                              82.45  4TH OF JULY

KODY WOODWARD                                                                                                              433.11  4TH OF JULY

WW TIRE SERVICE INC                                                                                                 2044.45  REPAIR

X3 RODEO                                                                                                                                 525.00  4TH OF JULY         

XEROX CORPORATION                                                                                                  438.93  COPIER

ZANDER AUTO PARTS                                                                                                    226.72  PARTS-SUPPLIES

APRIL ZILVERBERG                                                                                                             691.99  4TH OF JULY

TANEGAI ZILVERBERG                                                                                        105.24  4TH OF JULY

GARY ZILVERBERG                                                                                                             1017.17  4TH OF JULY


SALARIES BY OFFICE: Commissioners--$4,134.00; Auditor--$5,107.20; Treasurer--$5,145.32; States Attorney-- $5,491.20; Custodian--$2,546.75; Director of Equalization--$7,132.76; Register of Deeds--$2,784.00;Road and Bridge,--$26,434.86; Community Health Secretary--$2,061.84; WIC Secretary--$261.36; Fairgrounds--$2,692.30; Weed/Pest--$1,120.44; Planning/Zoning--$364.36;  Employee Health Insurance--$16,503.46; SD Retirement System, withheld and match--$6,701.78; Electronic Transfer, FICA, Medicare and Withholding Tax--$13,725.99.


AUDITOR’S ACCOUNT WITH THE TREASURER:                                                                                            

July, 2014                                                                                                                                                                                 

Cash on hand --$616.00

Checks, less than 3 days- $17,903.77                                                                                                                                                                    Petty Cash -- $215.00                                                                                                                   

First National Bank -- $36,898.62

Bad Checks -- $131.00                                                       

MKKT. ACCT. – First National Bank  $3,356,201.88                                                                                       

MKKT. ACCT. – Dakota Prairie Bank  $67,295.73                                                                    

SD FIT -- $6,011.83                                                                                                           

Total -- $3,485,273.83                                                                         


REGISTER OF DEEDS:                                                                                                                      

Regular Fees July 2014 -- $5,861.24                                                                                                                                   

Transfer Fees July 2014 -- $3,447.50


Treasurer and Auditor reports were reviewed.


Fort Pierre Mayor Gloria Hanson and Director of Public Works Brad Lawrence discussed with the Commissioners the possibility of the Cities of Pierre and Fort Pierre and Counties of Hughes and Stanley to work together when doing projects in order to receive a better pricing by buying in a larger volume.  Commissioners advised that Stanley County would be willing to do so.  Mayor Hanson will keep the Commission advised of future progress.


Fort Pierre Councilman Randy Seiler requested support from the Commissioners to update the courthouse meeting room to better reflect pride in the room and community and give an aura of professionalism.  Preliminary estimate for painting, obtaining flags and chairs is approximately $3,600.00.  Councilman Seiler proposed that the City and County split the cost.  Motion by Iversen, second by Deal, to pursue the update with the City.  All Voted Aye.  Motion Carried.


EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT Director Rob Fines advised that a lightning strike damaged an antenna and line kit on a repeater tower in the county stopping emergency communications for the Four-corners Fire Department and the Stanley County Highway Department.  Parts have been ordered and an insurance claim filed.


Director Fines has applied for a Homeland Security Grant for three sirens, to-wit:  one at Frontier Road and two for the City of Fort Pierre for a combined total of $72,000.  There will be some installation to have the City put the poles in place.  Commissioners advised that they were okay with the proposal.


Director Fines advised that Kurt Krietlow of First Dakota would be putting together a proposal for an elevator lift in the courthouse to be presented at the September meeting, and also recommended that $75,000 to $100,000 be budgeted for this project.


ABATEMENT:  Motion by Iversen, second by Booth, to abate the 2013 taxes in the sum of $1,335.53 and the 2014 taxes in the sum of $1,422.69 on parcel 9317, Green Tree Financial Corp.  The trailer was moved out of Stanley County in 2011.  All Voted Aye.  Motion Carried.


FAIRGROUNDS:  Manager Crane reported on the results of the 4th of July Rodeo, Moe Bandy and Monster Truck events and also the 4H rodeos.  The fairgrounds budget was discussed. 


Motion by Deal, second by Harrowa, to adopt an automatic supplemental budget per SDCL 7-21-21 for insurance proceeds as follows:  Expenditure:  General Fund Fairgrounds Repair & Maintenance 101-524-425 -- $64,038.16; Means of Finance:  Insurance Proceeds 101-0-373 -- $64,038.16.  All Voted Aye.  Motion Carried.


HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT:  Superintendent McCollam gave an update on the projects being worked on by the highway department and weed and pest. 

NEW HIRE:   Motion by Booth, second by Harrowa, to hire Cort Riggle as a Highway Department Equipment Operator at a wage of $15.50 per hour, with incremental fifty cent (50¢) pay raises after 6, 12 and 18 months upon successful completion of the probationary period, commencing July 22, 2014.  All Voted Aye.  Motion Carried.


2011 FEMA DEOBLIGATION:  Discussion with State’s Attorney Maher who will do further investigation into the matter.


Budget meeting scheduled for Tuesday, August 12, 2014, at 5:00 p.m. (CDT).


Registration deadline is September 5, 2014, for the County Convention, to be held in Pierre on September 15 – 17, 2014.


County Veterans Services updated report was reviewed.


County ROW Occupation for an overhead electrical line crossing Cedar Hill Road to provide Ronald Caldwell service to his new house was reviewed.


Oahe District meeting to be held August 7, 2014, in Miller, SD.


ADJOURN:  Motion by Booth, second by Deal, to adjourn at 8:22 p.m. (CDT).  All Voted Aye.  Motion Carried.


ATTEST:                                                                               STANLEY COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS




______________________________________       __________________________________________________

Karen Sharp, Auditor                                                          Brian Scott, Chairman











Physical address

Stanley County Courthouse
08 E 2nd Avenue
Fort Pierre SD 57532

Mailing Address

Stanley County Courthouse
Auditors Office
PO Box 595
Fort Pierre SD 57532